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0.08 ETH ($150 USD)

Postcards from StarryNight is an exclusive series of NFTs created from a restored version of an early work of net art. Proceeds from this NFT will support Rhizome, a non-profit organization that has championed the cause of digital art since 1996. Mint it now, and this artwork will take root in your wallet and identify you to the world as a Rhizome supporter—and provide priority access to additional generative artwork collections launching this fall. Each postcard is a 1/1 artwork, featuring a keyword constellation unique to each collector. There is no telling which word you will receive.

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About StarryNight

StarryNight, a groundbreaking early work of net art, served as an artistic interface for the curated online archive of Rhizome's email discussion list. Created during the late 1990s, this piece captures the essence of a pivotal forum for artists working with new media.

Read more about the original StarryNight on Rhizome’s website here.

Can I choose a specific Postcard?

Each postcard is randomly selected at time of mint.

What are the additional benefits of the Postcards?

Beyond showcasing your support for Rhizome, this artwork will take root in your wallet and unlock special perks, namely access to SEED 2 when available and entry into a raffle for 2 free tickets to FWB (Friends with Benefits) Fest.